Asarco Mine Tour


Learn how copper ore is mined during the Alumafiesta tour of the Mission Copper Mine, operated by Asarco.

The Asarco mine is busy 24/7 and occupies 20,000 acres of private, State leased, and Indian land where, annually, 260,000 tons of mineral concentrates are processed (which become 132,700,000 pounds of copper and 1,234,000 ounces of silver).

The mine is a quarter-mile deep, two miles from north to south, and a mile-and-three-quarters from east to west. “About six times the amount of earth moved to dig the Panama Canal has been mined there,” states the website.

You’ll watch trucks and shovels working the mine from the viewpoint on the south rim and see the mega-sized milling operation where copper ore is ground into a powder so the minerals can be separated by froth flotation. (What now? Not to worry—this and other mill processes be explained by friendly AMDC staff members on hand to answer all your questions.)

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