Recipes from Eleanor’s cooking demo

Did you enjoy the cooking demonstration at Alumafiesta?  We’ve got the recipes for the entire six-course meal here, by popular request.  Click here to download the Alumafiesta recipes to your computer.

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Pre-event instructions for attendees of Alumafiesta 2014

Are you registered for Alumafiesta 2014?  Then you’ll want to start packing up the Airstream for a sunny week in Tucson!

We’ve got lots of special events and activities planned for the week, so there are a few things we’d like to remind you to bring. It’s all in this document:  Pre-Event Instructions Fiesta 2014.  Please click on the title and read the handy tips it contains.

Just as a reminder, Tucson’s average February high temp is 68 degrees, and nights tend to dip into the 40s.  We get 360 days a year with sunshine, so even in February it’s a good idea to bring along some sunscreen.  For the evening Open Grills and Roving Happy Hours you’ll want something warm to wear, because it cools down rapidly in the desert.  And don’t forget your swimsuit for the 90 degree swimming pools!

Safe travels to all of you.  We’ll see you in Tucson soon.

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Swap meet!

One of the favorite activities at an R&B Event is always the swap meet!

bootiesIt’s completely casual: Bring anything you have to trade or sell to Alumafiesta (Airstream-related or otherwise), choose a table from the many provided, and display your wares.

It’s a great way to get to know your fellow Airstreamers while unloading those trailer parts you no longer need and the fabulous decor items you no longer use. Kitchenware, books, handmade gifts, and all things flamingo are perfect items to sell as well, although anything goes.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s great fun! This year the Swap Meet will be held at 9am, so bring a cup of coffee and a lot of ones. (What’s the old saying? One man’s trailer trash is another man’s trailer treasure?)

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Airstream Team beams to Tucson

Justin Humphreys, VP of Sales at Airstream, Inc., and Dave Schumann—longtime Airstream expert and General Manager of the Service Center at Airstream, Inc.—will be present, virtually, at Alumafiesta.

Join Justin and Dave as they host their “State of Airstream” presentation via Skype on Wednesday, February 6.

“I’ll give an update on the company, how it’s doing, the new dealers, the new products; a snapshot of what’s going on in Jackson Center,” Justin said. “Then Dave and I will host a Q&A session for the whole group. Dave will field the technical questions.”

“People are curious about the company,” Justin continued. “How are sales, what’s the state of the industry overall, how is the new world economy affecting Airstream.” They are also interested in the international business; Airstream has new dealerships in China, Korea and Australia in addition to ones already established in Japan and Europe.

What’s the number one question on Airstreamer’s minds, though? “What’s the best seller,” laughed Justin. (Spoiler alert: “The answer is always the Flying Cloud,” he said, sales winner for the last several years. Various models jostle for place and show.)

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Yappy Hour!

photo by Alison Turner. APZ 2012 attendees  photo by Alison Turner. APZ 2012 attendees

Dog-friendly fun is always on the schedule at our Alumaevents.

happy houndYour furry trailermates are welcome on leash in the campground at Alumafiesta (though not in the Event Center), and there will be an open space nearby where they can run and play.

alumadoxiesDon’t miss Yappy Hour—a meet ‘n sniff for all the Airstreaming dogs and the people they own—in the dog run area at 3pm on Tuesday (day one).

Is this your first time Airstreaming with a pet? This website offers some excellent advice and safety tips.

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Food Truck Friday

Food Truck 5Come hungry at lunchtime on Friday, Feb. 7! Delicious and uncommon fare from three popular Arizona food carts will be served at Alumafiesta from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 pm.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the street food craze that has been sweeping the nation from coast to coast. Liberated from the confines of established, traditional restaurants, the accomplished chefs who operate local food trucks enjoy the freedom to introduce new recipes, experiment with ethnic and/or local artisan ingredients, and deliver their affordable small-plate cuisine in any location they’re allowed to park their restaurant on wheels.

Here’s a taste of the cuisine you’ll experience at the lunchtime food truck roundup:

Max and Andrea Offermann from Germany will serve their “German comfort food” from the German Food Station. “On our first trip to the United States in September 1990 we have got married in Las Vegas,” they state on their website. “Since then, we fell in love with this country and its people and we always dreamed about living here. Now, 22 years later our dream came true. We found a new home far from home in beautiful Arizona and we are living here from October through May to escape from the cold and ugly German winter weather…Being restless Germans who can not just sit around and doing nothing at all, we decided to launch a small business by opening a German Food Trailer.”

Food Truck 2Food Truck 4You’ll find “Mexican-Korean Fusion Food” at the Bam Bam truck. We tried their signature Korean steak taco and it was surprisingly good, full of flavor with lot of complex layers.

Food Truck 3The Twisted Tandoor is the only Indian food truck in Tucson. If you love Indian food, you’ll love the Twisted Tandoor. It’s very spicy but awesomely good if you can handle the heat!

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Who will be the Top Aluminum Chef?

Once again we’ll be holding the “Aluminum Chef” competition, and you are invited!   Your challenge is to use the five ingredients listed below to make a delicious dish, which you will present to our Chef Judges during Alumafiesta in Tucson.   All of the creations will be tasted and reviewed, and the best will be selected for a second challenge during the event, which we call the “Aluminum Chef Shootout.”   All participants in the Shootout will get an award, and the Top Aluminum Chef will get a special prize!

Do you think you can master the challenge?  Then assemble these ingredients and bring them to Alumafiesta, along with a copy of your recipe.

Cream Cheese: any style
Raisins: Thompson or Golden
Maple: flavor, sugar, or syrup
Pumpkin or Butternut Squash: fresh, canned, or frozen
White Beans: Navy, Cannellini, or Great Northern

The Rules are simple:

  1. All five ingredients must be used in one finished edible product
  2. All five ingredients must be discernible
  3. Number of other ingredients is not limited
  4. Recipe being presented for judging must be prepared on site on THURSDAY, February 6.
  5. Bring the recipe with your entry.

Recipes will be judged on presentation, creativity, and flavor.  Decision of the Chef Judges on any matter is final.

If you are selected for the Aluminum Chef Shootout, you’ll be handed five new ingredients on Thursday to prepare in your Airstream by Saturday.  You won’t know those five ingredients until we give them to you. Be ready to get creative! Final judging and awarding of the Aluminum Chef prizes will be on Saturday.

Do you have what it takes to become an Aluminum Chef?  Give it a try!

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Check out the Preliminary Event schedule!

Curious about what we’ll do at Alumafiesta in February 2014?  We’ve got a sneak peek of the entire event schedule for you — take a look!

Click here to download the Preliminary Event Program  [Updated Dec 22]

It’s a jam-packed schedule with seven seminars, four evening presentations, fantastic musical entertainment, five Happy Hours, four yoga sessions, a bike ride, a big hike and two walks, taiko drumming, glass-making, sword-swallowing, six meals, five off-site tours, a cooking demo, cooking contest, three Open Grills, and much more!

Already 80% of our available sites have been reserved, and the rest will go quickly, so don’t delay if you want to attend the best Airstream event in the southwest! Book your site now by clicking here

Note that there may be minor changes to the program between now and the event dates.  If you want to see the latest version, just check back here.

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A tour you’ve never had before: Tin Town

Wait until you see Tin Town. Piled high with collections—old mining implements, Arizona memorabilia and Wild West flotsam—Tin Town has been described by one Arizona blogger as “the mining museum you never heard of”.

Thousands of intriguing gee gaws in odd juxtapositions are stacked to the ceiling and hung from every surface, and hulking retired mining tools, rail ore cars, freaky sculptures and circus artifacts line the property outside the pink walls.

Once the H&W Market in the Pie Allen Neighborhood, the Tin Town owners developed it as their their home in the early 80s. It soon morphed into a museum and received the Historical Society’s “Restoration and Creative Adaptive Reuse Award”.

States their official description, “Tin Town is an expression of the owner’s lighthearted yet respectful thought of the lost ingenuity of the craftsmanship of the tools and machinery of the old west.”

Featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes, the Discovery Channel’s Weird Homes, and in Arizona Illustrated, Tin Town is also home to a saloon, a little church, a circus wagon, vintage spartan trailer, mine, print shop, the “house of joy”, and an authentic Yuma Prison Jail Cell.

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Kitt Peak

At Alumafiesta you’ll have the opportunity to visit fascinating Kitt Peak National Observatory, the site of the largest collection of telescopes in the world.

We’ll take the fifty mile drive (not to worry, the road is paved) to the highest point in the Quinlan Mountains: the top of Kitt Peak, 6,875 feet above the Sonoran desert. The 12 mile stretch to the observatory will bring us through some lovely scenery and provide spectacular views of the desert below.

At the summit we’ll take a walking tour of the amazing telescopes, including the McMath-Pierce solar telescope—with a lens diameter of nearly six feet, it’s the largest solar instrument in the world. Used to safely study sunspots, the McMath-Pierce scope is built into a tower nearly 100 feet high with a 200-foot shaft that slants down and into the mountain, where observations take place in an underground tunnel. Unlike other solar telescopes, it can even be used to view stars in the night sky and other phenomenon in our solar system.

At the observatory there are 23 additional optical telescopes (and a couple of radio scopes, including a brand new one installed this month), all used by eight different astronomical research institutions.

Bring lunch, and a sweater (or two); Arizona mountain temperatures can drop 20 degrees from the warmth of the desert floor. It may be windy as well, but you’ll be able to duck into the visitor’s center to explore the exhibits and take a respite from the weather.

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