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Aluminum Chef 2015

So you think you can cook? Get ready for the annual Alumafiesta cooking competition, and vie for the title of top “Aluminum Chef”!

J5MM galleyYour challenge: Use the five ingredients listed below to make a delicious dish in your Airstream galley, which you will present to our esteemed Chef Judges during Alumafiesta in Tucson.

All of the creations will be tasted and reviewed, and the best will be selected for a second challenge we call the “Aluminum Chef Shootout.” If you’re selected for the Shootout, you’ll be handed five new ingredients on Thursday to prepare in your Airstream by Saturday. You won’t know those ingredients until we give them to you, so be ready to get creative!

All participants in the Shootout will get an award, and the Top Aluminum Chef will get a special prize.

Do you think you can master the challenge? Assemble these ingredients and bring them to Alumafiesta, along with a copy of your recipe—

  1. GINGER: fresh, ground, juice, or candied
  2. ALMOND: whole, sliced, ground, or extract
  3. RICE: white, brown, wild, or flour
  4. APPLE: fresh, dried, or juice
  5. ORANGE: fresh, peel, or juice


The Rules

All five ingredients must be used in one finished edible product.

All five ingredients must be discernible.

You may use an unlimited number of other ingredients.

Recipe being presented for judging must be prepared on site on Thursday, January 29.

Bring the recipe with your entry.

Recipes will be judged on presentation, creativity, and flavor.

Shootout participants will be given five new ingredients on Thursday to prepare in your Airstream by Saturday.

Final judging and awarding of the Aluminum Chef prizes will be on Saturday.

Decision of the Chef Judges on any matter is final.10942867_10150460309479986_1753177914_n

Good luck! Alumafiesta participants, here’s a link to your Get Ready Guide (that you received via email on January 9), that includes the Aluminum Chef rules and much more must-read info to boost your enjoyment at Alumafiesta. See you in Tucson!



Photos courtesy of Monica Bennett at Just 5 More Minutes

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Alumafiesta—Last chance to register

Alumafiesta More than one hundred trailers will be present at Alumafiesta in Tucson this year! There’s still room for a few more…but the time to sign up is NOW. Here’s why.

Alumafiesta registration closes Sunday, January 11.

You’re welcome to attend on a walk-in basis, but you’ll need to arrange for your own campsite—and it’s peak snowbird season in Arizona, when campgrounds are at capacity. To ensure your site in the sun, register online before January 11, 2015.

As usual, an action-packed program is promised: outdoor recreation, fun and fascinating offsite tours, fabulous food, and Airstream tech tips. Check out the preliminary program!

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Asarco Mine Tour


Learn how copper ore is mined during the Alumafiesta tour of the Mission Copper Mine, operated by Asarco.

The Asarco mine is busy 24/7 and occupies 20,000 acres of private, State leased, and Indian land where, annually, 260,000 tons of mineral concentrates are processed (which become 132,700,000 pounds of copper and 1,234,000 ounces of silver).

The mine is a quarter-mile deep, two miles from north to south, and a mile-and-three-quarters from east to west. “About six times the amount of earth moved to dig the Panama Canal has been mined there,” states the website.

You’ll watch trucks and shovels working the mine from the viewpoint on the south rim and see the mega-sized milling operation where copper ore is ground into a powder so the minerals can be separated by froth flotation. (What now? Not to worry—this and other mill processes be explained by friendly AMDC staff members on hand to answer all your questions.)

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Cirque Roots Performance!

cirqueChances are you’ve never seen anything quite like Cirque Roots—the circus-inspired performance troup that will entertain the crowd at Alumafiesta this winter.

Their amazing stage show is a fabulous swirling hodgepodge of partner acrobatics, clowning, miming, hoop dancing, juggling, comedy, and color. It’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking, it’s bizarre—and more than a little silly.

The Cirque Roots studio is a grassroots artist collective in downtown Tucson, “envisioned as a space to create and play through movement and dance.” Some of Tucson’s most unique entertainers practice and perform there. You’ll love this show—held in the main tent at Alumafiesta on Saturday night.

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Arizona State Museum

While you’re in Tucson for Alumafiesta you’ll have the opportunity to tour the wonderful Arizona State Museum. Located on the University of Arizona campus, the state museum is the largest (and oldest) of its kind in the Southwest and is the hub of southwest anthropology research and preservation.

The collections (and the renowned museum experts) are “among the world’s most significant resources for the study of southwestern cultures,” states their website.

The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of whole Southwest Indian pottery, and the collection of Native American basketry is vast, as well: more than 25,000+ rare woven items that include outstanding examples of rare and impressive baskets, sandals, mats, and more.

Some of the nation’s earliest and most rare examples of Navajo textiles are there, too—including one of the largest Navajo rugs ever woven.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…er, saguaro. More than three million objects are held in the museum, including thousands and thousands of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, photographs, rare books, maps, and even sound recordings. And Mexican folk masks. And vertebrate skeletons. What’s NOT in this museum?

Don’t worry, a tour guide will break it all down for you. Alumafiesta attendees will be treated to an exclusive curator tour with access to the conservation lab, pottery vault, and basket vault. In addition, you’ll meet the archaeologists, and a museum expert will lead a fascinating one-hour tour of the Paths of Life exhibit.

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Alumafiesta outing: petroglyph hike!

Saguaro National Park is named for (and home to) the nation’s largest cactus: Carnegiea gigantea, called the saguaro (pronounced suh-wahr-oh) in Spanish.

You know the saguaro, universal meme of the Southwest: the tree-like cactus of the Roadrunner cartoons that stands like a giant (growing up to 70 feet tall) with arms upstretched to the sun. Native to the Sonoran Desert, the saguaro’s blossom is Arizona’s state wildflower.

No doubt about it, the scenic Sonoran Desert is a magical place, and you’ll have a chance to explore it with your fellow Airstreamers during Alumafiesta.

Saguaro National Park is also home to a fascinating form of manmade rock art: petroglyphs, created by the prehistoric Hohokam people more than a thousand years ago.

The petroglyphs you’ll see on the Signal Hill Petroglyphs Trail were likely made during hunting and gathering expeditions, though no one is quite sure about the meaning of these ancient messages pecked into the rocky hilltop. Are they astronomical markers? Religious, or ceremonial symbols? Simply decoration? Explorer’s maps? Bygone graffiti? Shopping lists? It’s fun (and awe-inspiring) to view them and imagine what the ancient artists had in mind.

So, sign up at the Alumafiesta welcome table in the main tent for the Saguaro West Petroglyph Hike, a short, steep, half-mile climb to see dozens of these striking carvings. The petroglyph trail is rough and uneven in places, with rock steps—be sure to bring your hiking boots or other sturdy shoes to Tucson!

Other recreational outings will be on the program, too, so pack in general for outdoor adventure: footwear, sunscreen, hat, etcetera.

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The Mini Time Machine

Mini time museumBe transported to a teeny tiny world like you’ve never seen before during an offisite tour to this offbeat museum during Alumafiesta.

Whether you’re a fan of “doll houses” or not, you’ll be stunned by the immense detail and intricate artistry of the antique and contemporary models and objects at the remarkable Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson.

You’ll feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians as you move through the interactive displays that depict varying themes and historical eras. The permanent collection contains over 275 miniature houses and room boxes (including one of the oldest miniature houses in the country, built in 1775); examples of miniatures used in cultures around the world; minute, fully-functioning tools; and a real—as in, a musician could actually play it—ultra-miniature violin.

“My husband and I spent hours in awe of the meticulous craftsmanship of the tiny replicas of everyday life across many time periods,” writes an online reviewer. “It was amazing. The level of detail is mind-blowing.”

Learn “how miniatures are used in society, and their importance to our future” through this informative video. “Art comes in all shapes and sizes,” the narrator states, “and some of the most highly regarded forms of art are smaller in scale.”

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Airstream winter trip


Where did the summer go?

It’s still warm(ish), but there’s a nip of fall in the air, and winter weather is on the way. That means one thing for Airstreamers: road trip!

Escape to Arizona in January and join us at Alumafiesta in Tucson. We’re already hard at work putting together a new program packed with five days of fun, including all-new guided tours of Tucson’s cultural and historical sites—the area is rich with more to see and do than you might think—outdoor recreation opportunities, and educational seminars and presentations.

Sign up soon—space is limited (really). And if you register and order your Alumafiesta logo t-shirt by December 15, 2014, your event shirt is only $10 for each adult. (T-shirts are regularly $19.95 each. Ladies; take note of the women’s style.)fiesta15-menT_steelbluefiesta15-womenT_carolinablue

Alumafiesta isn’t an Airstream-only party—all brands of RV are welcome at Aluma-events. Feel free to forward this post to your camping friends and invite them to meet you this winter in the sunny Southwest!

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Sign up now for Alumafiesta

Registration is now open for Alumafiesta!

We’ll be returning to the Lazydays KOA in Tucson, Arizona, January 27 through February 1, 2015. You might notice that we moved the dates up a week…Alumafiesta now concludes on the first day of the big Gem Show.

There was so much on the schedule in 2014 that it was impossible to “do it all” and we guarantee a week jam-packed with activities next year, too.

Check out the Alumafiesta Facebook page to see photos and videos of the fun we had during our first-ever event in Tucson. There’s so much to enjoy in southern Arizona!

Dates are set for two other 2015 Aluma-events, and we’d love to see you there. Tell your friends! Remember, our events are not just for Airstream owners; the activity-packed schedules offer something for everyone:

Alumapalooza 6, returning to the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, May 26 —31, 2015

Alumaflamingo, at the Sarasota Fairgrounds in Sarasota, Florida, February 24 – March 1, 2015

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Pre-event instructions for attendees of Alumafiesta 2014

Are you registered for Alumafiesta 2014?  Then you’ll want to start packing up the Airstream for a sunny week in Tucson!

We’ve got lots of special events and activities planned for the week, so there are a few things we’d like to remind you to bring. It’s all in this document:  Pre-Event Instructions Fiesta 2014.  Please click on the title and read the handy tips it contains.

Just as a reminder, Tucson’s average February high temp is 68 degrees, and nights tend to dip into the 40s.  We get 360 days a year with sunshine, so even in February it’s a good idea to bring along some sunscreen.  For the evening Open Grills and Roving Happy Hours you’ll want something warm to wear, because it cools down rapidly in the desert.  And don’t forget your swimsuit for the 90 degree swimming pools!

Safe travels to all of you.  We’ll see you in Tucson soon.

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